Mild Steel Kiosks

Amber Panels manufacture a vast variety of custom made mild steel kiosks to suit customer specifications. All our kiosks are manufactured by experienced professional engineers that have been manufacturing panels for a number of years. Our precision and attention to detail produces top quality products and at our prices you can’t go wrong!

All our mild steel kiosks comes with these standard features:

  • Chrome 7mm Tri Locks + Key to suit.
  • 12mm thick plywood backboard to suite the kiosks dimensions.
  • Chrome Hinges
  • 6005 Ripple Paint Finish
  • Galvanised Door Stays
  • 4 Louver Vents
  • Earthing Points
  • Floor Fixing Holes

We can also offer a variety of different options upon request, for example:

  • Black/Stainless Tri Locks
  • Thicker or Thinner Plywood Backboards
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Extra Louvers
  • Stainless Steel Door Stays
  • Additional Earthing Points

Mild Steel Kiosks

Single Door Kiosk


Double Door Kiosk


Manufacturing Process