Manufacturing Process

Every kiosk is made out of 1.5mm mild steel and is cut using the latest laser technology, they are then press formed and built up as a complete welded construction.

Once thoroughly QC checked after fabrication and prior to powder coating they are pre-treated with an etch prima which gives each kiosk a longer life span and protects them against weathering outdoors.

Our kiosks are then powder-coated as we believe this is the best way to prevent weathering outdoors as supposed to other optional paint formats, they are painted in a Textured 6005 finish which gives a great end finish to the product. (Paint thickness is 70-100 microns thick)

Again once thoroughly QC checked the kiosks are then fully assembled, final QC checked and then wrapped up using bubble wrap and shrink wrap (Cardboard also if couried) ready for dispatch to you.

All our kiosks are manufactured in accordance with the IP55 specification and have an estimated life expectancy of over 25 years outdoors with the materials we use and the way we manufacture them.

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Mild Steel Kiosks

Single Door Kiosk


Double Door Kiosk


Manufacturing Process